Product Overview

Payment systems are complicated and contain many internal and external dependencies requiring continuous monitoring and testing to maintain their stability and efficiency. Payment system simulators, such as those developed by Proteros Data Systems Ltd. provide a powerful testing tool.

Proteros Data System’s Frurion™ Payment Transaction Generator is an integral part of the  Frurion™ product suite and has been designed to provides an easy mechanism for creating test data for payment systems.
Test analysts can create their data in Excel spreadsheets, an interface they are familiar with and the data can then be extracted to be converted into one of a number of supported formats to be used in either the Frurion™ payment simulators or even third-party simulators.

Technical Details

The Frurion™ Payment Transaction Generator has been designed to simplify the creation of test messages which can be used to test a number of different payment systems.
These include:

  • APACS, 30, 40, 70 & 29 settlement
  • ISO8583 (any variant)
  • Swift
  • BACS
  • UK Faster Payments

Additional Information

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