Product Overview

Frurion™ for APACS PoS offers a simple solution for testing PoS and payment gateways which utilise the APACS message format. The APACS simulators form part of the Frurion™ card processing test suite from Proteros Data Systems Ltd.

There are a number of message standards within APACS which the simulators fully support and by utilising the Frurion™ data dictionary, which is common to all the products in the Frurion™ suite, it is possible to manipulate and extend these formats.

Technical Details

A number of APACS definitions are already configured and supplied as part of the base product but there is the facility to define new ones or modify existing ones to suit your individual needs. Once the data dictionary has been updated, the simulators understand the new message and field formats without the need for any software changes.

Furthermore, test data can be stored in Proteros’s proprietary XML format to ease readability and external manipulation; all data dictionary definitions can be stored in any source code control such as subversion, visual source safe etc. facilitating version control of any set of definitions. The system also comes equipped with the capability to generate expected results and to compare expected against actual results.

Other facilities include the use of reference data to limit the values a field can take during test data creation, which in turn improves data quality. The simulators can read in data in either native APACS or in XML, for conversion during test execution. An inbuilt hex dump facility assists problem solving by being able to display the data “on the wire” in both hex and character format based on the data dictionary definitions.

Additional Information

There is no need for users (technical or otherwise) to learn a complicated script language to simulate responses to various test scenarios.

At the heart of the simulator is a fully functional transaction-processing engine, which handles message routing, processing and responses. This is coupled with a fully featured accounts management system, which allows any tester to prepare and prime test accounts with an easy to use call-centre interface.

The simulator addresses all the testing requirements from component testing through system, user acceptance and pre-certification testing, in one simple and easy to use Windows® environment.

Test data, too, can be created within the same environment and inbuilt message and data element validators ensure that test data is created to meet current APACS message definitions, eliminating time-consuming data defect investigations, which are the result of poorly constructed data.

The Frurion™ testing simulator places the tester in complete control of the testing function and provides the ability to create and repeat tests, time after time, in minutes of using the system.