Product Overview

Proteros Data System’s innovative Frurion™ range of test simulators for the card payment industry, covering ISO8583 and APACS message standards, are designed to be easy and flexible to use and provide a framework for the exchange of financial transaction messages. They provide a unified interface for all test phases, allowing programmers to create test data quickly for component/unit testing, for test analysts to create messages that satisfy system integration testing and for business analysts to create data based on real-world scenarios for UAT.

A set of field and message definitions are supplied as standard and these can be cloned to create new definitions of any field and any message combination, which in turn allows the editors to be used to create messages and test data for: VISA, MasterCard, AmEx, IFSF, JCB, AS2805, Pulse, AEPS or any other ISO8583 or APACS based messaging system. The utilities adapt themselves to your definitions within the data dictionary, without the need for new software upgrades.

No need to worry about calculating bitmaps as this is all done for you and special definitions like TLV are provided as standard attributes that are available to be assigned to a field.

A set of standard tools allow the user to generated expected results from test data and an in-built compare utility allows any tester to compare expected and actual results for a quick and efficient problem determination.

Technical Details

In an attempt to reduce the expenditure and effort of testing any ISO8583 or APACS compliant system – and reduce bottom-line costs when it comes to scheme compliance changes – Proteros has designed and developed its Frurion™ proprietary test simulator for ISO8583 testing to meet these aims.

The integrated graphical user interface allows payment message structures to be defined by using drag-and-drop techniques, without the need for software changes to the simulator itself.

Existing or new message structures can be created in minutes, allowing various test scenarios to be simulated and tested against the processing platform under change.

Test data created for previous message versions is automatically converted to meet the definitions of the new structures, without the need to construct test data from scratch. This means that regression testing becomes a formality rather than a chore.

Additional Information

At the heart of the simulator is a fully functional transaction-processing engine, which handles message routing, processing and responses. This is coupled with a fully featured accounts management system, which allows any tester to prepare and prime test accounts with an easy to use call-centre interface.

The simulator addresses all the testing requirements from component testing through system, user acceptance and pre-certification testing, in one simple and easy to use Windows® environment.
Test data, too, can be created within the same environment or by using the supplied Excel® templates.

Inbuilt message and data element verifiers ensure that test data is created to meet current ISO8583 or APACS message definitions, eliminating time-consuming data defect investigations, which are the result of poorly constructed data.

The Frurion™ testing simulator places the tester in complete control of the testing function and provides the ability to create and repeat tests, time after time, in minutes of using the system.

Proteros is confident it can assist your company in getting the best out of the testing life cycle. Our test consultants are able to work as an independent test team for a specific project, can advise on strategies or assist existing in-house teams.