Product Overview

The Frurion™ virtual Payment Terminal is part of the proprietary Frurion™ product suite, designed to offer a range of payment functions from one easy to use interface, which is versatile, adaptable and can be deployed in banks, stand alone kiosks and merchants alike. It is more than just a virtual alternative to the traditional card processing terminals as it provides a complete set of functions that make it the ideal system to provide a front-end to your host switch or payment gateway. It can be deployed utilising a number of user interfaces (UI), including Windows® client or web.

Technical Details

The Frurion™ virtual Payment Terminal interfaces with the Frurion™ data dictionary and ISO8583 processing engine and is the ideal system to interface with your host and to offer a range of payment options including card purchase, balance enquiry, cash advance or merchandise return.The Frurion™ virtual terminal already provides front-end processing for such systems as TranzWare and Postilion but due to the flexibility of the data dictionary and processing engine it can quickly be configured to be used with almost any Switch, both ISO8583 or APACS.

Additional Information

If you have a specific requirement to provide an easy to use front-end to your processing Switch, then contact us today and our technical consultants will be happy to talk through your requirements.The Frurion™ virtual Payment Terminal is easily configurable and scalable and can be deployed as part of a local client application on your PC or can be used as part of the Frurion™ payment gateway.