Product Overview

The Frurion™ Payment Gateway, which is part of Proteros Data System’s Frurion™ payment processing suite and underpins all Proteros payment products, provides a secure and easy interface for merchant payment processing. The Payment Gateway uses the unique Frurion™ payment engine for message processing and conversion allowing it to accept standard PoS messages such as APACS or ISO8583 but also virtual PoS messages such as XML, for example, without the need for software customisations.The Frurion™ Payment Gateway simplifies PoS consolidation by centralising all the main PoS activities over the Cloud in order to reduce infrastructure costs and complexity. Combined with the flexibility of the Frurion™ processing engine, the Payment Gateway provides a simple interface to route merchant payment traffic.Furthermore, switching gateways to Frurion™ is simplified and the disruption to merchants is minimised by the use of Proteros’s dynamic message mapping technology. This allows you to keep your existing message formats while at the same time mapping these across to the Scheme standard.

Technical Details

The Frurion™ payment engine is an easily configured system that manages connections to payments systems and devices and performs message transformation and routing between them.Messages transformations within Frurion™ are possible because internally all processing is conducted using the proprietary Proteros XML format. Therefore, once an external, third-party message format has been mapped to the internal Proteros structures, through the use of flexible configuration parameters, it is then possible to process the payment message in a consistent way without the need for software changes.The Frurion™ gateway is therefore able to process not only the standard APACS and ISO8583 formats but also to accept third-party XML, making gateway migration a simple and almost seamless process which does not require the merchant to change payment gateway message formats.The benefits this gives are:

  • Reduced time scales for implementation of message format changes, new services, new mandates and new devices
  • Dynamic message mapping interface through parameter configuration reduces the need for specialist development
  • Scalable, distributed, multiprocessor solution gives long term growth potential
  • Extended life of your existing payment systems through the use of the dynamic message mapper and removes the need for merchants to change, while allowing new functionality to be supported

Additional Information

The Frurion™ Payment Gateway simplifies merchant connectivity for payment processing and simplifies gateway migration by supporting your existing message formats through the use of the Frurion™ dynamic message mapper conversion service.