Product Overview

The Frurion™ Payment Bridge from Proteros Data Systems is part of the proprietary Frurion™ product suite and provides advanced bridging software for any ISO8583 based transaction processing system. The system has been developed primarily to cater for Scheme migrations but also to give financial institutions an extended deployment window for the bi-annual mandatory Scheme changes.

The original ISO8583 standard was devised many years ago with the technology that was available at the time. With many financial organisations now having legacy systems to support this core standard within their card-processing platforms, advances in software technology cannot be easily integrated nor taken advantage of. This means that a major part of any bank’s IT infrastructure is supported by a legacy card-processing system that is costly to maintain and hungry for scarce specialist IT resources.

It is with this in mind that Proteros Data Systems decided to design and develop its Frurion™ bridging software to help financial organisations take advantage of new technology, whilst at the same time lowering the cost and complexity of migrating from one ISO8583 format to another.

Technical Details

Frurion Bridge™ has been designed to offer ease-of-use and a flexibility that has been built around the latest Microsoft Windows® software development .NET technology.

The aim of the design has been to increase the quality and productivity of financial organisations’ IT resources, while at the same time driving down overall development costs. This is achieved by providing integration software, such as Frurion Bridge™, that facilitates legacy systems taking advantage of new technologies, while they remaining virtually unchanged.

Frurion Bridge™ simplifies the processing of any ISO8583 message by taking away the complexities of that messaging system. Furthermore, Frurion Bridge’s™ capabilities provide a mechanism to abstract the complexities of ISO8583 from the bank’s host system, by transforming any incoming ISO8583 message into the universal XML format.

Using the integrated graphical user interface, existing or new ISO8583 message structures can be created in minutes. It is possible to define any ISO8583 message structure simply by using drag-and-drop techniques to configure Frurion Bridge™ to process any variant that the host system is designed for, without the host system having to change.

This means that the legacy systems can be replaced with more up-to-date technology, which in turn widens the IT resource pool that can be utilised in this area.

Additional Information

Frurion Bridge™ is primarily aimed at bridging all aspects of the ISO8583 real-time authorisation messages, from the low-level TCP/IP communications protocol, through the network interface layer to the message layer itself, with development underway to find a suitable method to reduce the task of migrating from one clearing method to another.Examples of how Frurion™ Bridge could be deployed are shown below: