Payment Processing

In today’s fast-paced consumer retail market, payment processing systems account for the majority of all electronic payment configurations. The technology, among others offered by Proteros, continually supports systems such as Point-of-Sale (POS), Multi-purpose Kiosks and internal transactions processing, which are the back-office transactions that are largely unnoticed by the general public.The transaction flow from the moment a card is placed into the card reader to when the issuing bank authorises the transaction and the merchant is notified of a successful sale takes a few seconds but in that journey the transaction has gone through a number of systems, each carrying out their own validation and verification before sending it on its way.Frurion™ is Proteros Data Systems’s payment processing solution, comprising a number of products for payment processing. Frurion™ contributes to part of the payment message journey and enables merchants to utilise the customisable Point-of-Sale payment terminal, the payment gateway, for consolidating terminal activity through one central point and a number of payment simulators for testing the payment message journey from PoS, Acquirer, host system and Issuer.An example using the APACS standard is shown below but this ISO8583 is also supported.