Product Overview

Payment systems are complicated and contain many internal and external dependencies requiring continuous monitoring and testing to maintain their stability and efficiency. Payment system simulators provide a powerful testing tool for payment and settlement system analysis and testing and enable the construction of models that closely mimic the real world.

Proteros Data System’s Frurion™ card-payment product suite provides a number of tools that are used to prepare test data and provide simulations of card-payment authorisation transactions and settlement files. The Frurion™ Data File Generator is used to create test data to any flat-file definition, particularly settlement files in card-payment testing and can be used in conjunction with the Frurion™ Excel Interface.

Technical Details

Proteros’s generic Data File Generator overcomes the issue of how to define, develop and test flat files without the overhead of expensive IT departments, by providing an easy-to-use graphical interface that supports generating any flat file format. Files structures are defined and generated without any programming requirements at all. Mainframe fixed and variable length files, Bank’s Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) file formats, card-payment settlement and clearing files can all be defined and be ready to use within minutes.

Once the structures have been defined the files can be populated with test data from a variety of sources including Excel spreadsheets and XML structures. Using Proteros’s transformation tools to define the relationships between source and target fields the population of the file happens automatically.

However, the uses for the Data File Generator do not stop at generating test data. Its powerful engine can be scaled up to take in large live data volumes. It can be run either through its UI interface or scheduled to run overnight in batch mode.

Additional Information

Utilising the Frurion™ internal XML structures in conjunction with the Frurion™ data dictionary, it is possible to create test data file that can be used in a host of processing systems.