Frurion™ Details

Frurion™ is a family of totally integrated software products for card-payment processing based on a common, scalable processing engine.

Frurion™ for card-payment testing consists of a number of test simulators and other related, parameter driven test tools that work together to manage your company’s testing of credit and debit card transactions.

Frurion™ for PoS and Payment Gateway, consist of a PoS client payment application and a real-time PoS aggregator, which takes multiple PoS connections and handles all routing to and from a central payment switch.

Technical Details

Card-payment transactions are based on the ISO8583 standard, but there are many versions and interpretations of the ISO8583 standard (with the 1987 and 1993 version being the most commonly used), but there are also many other ISO8583 implementations. For example, each payment Scheme (Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc.) may establish its own special rules for the contents of certain message fields and can vary from one Scheme to another.

All Frurion™ products are based on the Frurion™ payment processing engine that can be dynamically configured to handle any variation of either the ISO8583 or the different APACS standard. The flexibility of Frurion™ stems from having a parameter-driven modular system that can be configured to suit each client’s particular needs. Frurion™ can be modified and enhanced as business and operational requirements change.

Given the dynamic nature of today’s global marketplace, consolidating payment-processing systems to a one-source solution is a powerful way to reduce operations costs. Frurion™ represents excellent value for money, not just in terms of the initial investment, but also as a longer term return on investment. This is a key component in Proteros’s long term partnership approach with its clients.